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Aromatic Foot Soak


Aromatic Foot Soak


Foot Soak can be a great pleasure at the end a hard day. … calluses, so partner a foot soak with an exfoliating treatment such as a sugar scrub.

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💦【Aromatic Foot Soak】💦 A Foot Soak can be a great pleasure at the end a hard day.  Foot soaks are especially enjoyable if you work at a job where you stand most of the day or if you are a hiker. The benefits of a Foot Soak include:
Improves circulation in the feet.
Reduces stress and helps you relax
Improves sleep
Decreases foot pain, especially that from standing all day
Soothes and hydrates skin
Soaking helps soften calluses, so partner a foot soak with an exfoliating treatment such as a sugar scrub.
Helps remove bacteria and fungus from around the toenails
Decreases foot odor
If you have diabetes or are prone to edema the benefits of a foot soak are even more important.

💦【Ingredients】💦 Pink Sea Salt, Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil 203, Mica.

💦【Easy to Use】💦  How to do a foot soak? You will need a container large enough and deep enough for your feet. I like to use a plastic dish pan, a rug to put under the pan to keep water off the floor, a towel to dry your feet on. Of course we recommend Zemy Aromatherapy Foot soak followed by Zemy  Body Butter.

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