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Holiday Chapstick


Holiday Chapstick


Do you love that Christmas scent? Purchase our “Candy Cane ” gift set that includes : A Roller and Lip Balm.


💦【Essential Oil Roller】💦Essential oil rollers are among the handiest things when it comes to quick and easy aromatherapy at home! They are a pre-diluted essential oils applicator that’s safe to use and can be customized to any ailment you need treated.

💦【Ingredients】💦 Coconut Oil, Essential Oils.

💦【Easy to Use】💦 BEFORE you start, always remember to test a small area of the skin first. If irritation occurs, immediately add a carrier oil over the irritated spot to help dilute the essential oil.

If you only remember ONE thing from this post, I want it to be this: When it comes to using essential oils, LESS is better! Like I said before, essential oils are very potent and you don’t need very much to get the therapeutic benefits of using essential oils. You can always add more if needed.

💦【Lip Balm】💦 Tinted Lip Balm are a Blend Of Organic Oils To Nourish Your Lips.  Made From Naturally Ingredients. 

💦【Ingredients】💦 coconut oil, white beeswax, avocado oil, essential oil, Mica

💦【Easy to Apply】💦Place the tip of the container against your bottom lip and apply a thin, even layer of the balm, then repeat for your top lip. If you like you can transfer the lip balm to your finger first, then spread it across your lips. Rub your lips together to help spread out the lip gloss evenly.

💦 【Thoughtful Customer Service】💦 If you any questions or concerns, please don`t hesitate to contact us at

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Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Lavender, Lemongrass & Tea Tree, Spring Blossom, Tropical Breeze, Vanilla Musk


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